Business is evolving. You don't want to get left behind.

Collaboration. Teamwork. Communication.

Research shows that organizations with strong and distinct community cultures are driving the world's most innovative companies.

They hire and grow more efficiently. Their teams collaborate better. They work better with clients, customers, and partners. They confidently stay ahead of their competition.

You know that you need to learn from these organizations in order to future-proof your company and yourself.

Do you have the skills for leading the next generation?

When you have to fight for attention and buy-in, every molehill seems like a mountain. Nothing is worse than the feeling of frustration when people aren't seeing eye to eye.

As your business focuses on collaboration, have you thought about the role that you have to play to ensure people can really work together? Do you need them to...

  • ...communicate more effectively?
  • ...earn and keep trust amongst each other?
  • ...set and achieve bigger goals, and be able to overcome bigger obstacles?
  • ...spend more time doing and making (instead of talking, planning, and fixing)?
  • more confident about their future in your organization?

The Business of Community Tour is bringing our world renowned workshops to Gold Coast's 'Bleach* Festival, Melbourne's Coworking Australia, and Austin's GCUC.

Maybe your city could be next?

Join us for an in person, hands on, one day workshop to learn how to stay ahead of the curve by leading more collaborative, innovative, community-oriented organizations. Previous online & in-person workshops have been attended by a total of over 200 people in the last year.

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"Alex Hillman and the team at Indy Hall are true leaders within Philadelphia's entrepreneurial community, helping establish this city as an emerging hub for innovators, founders and creators. We're excited that they're taking what has worked in Philly and using it to help people in other cities achieve similar success.

If you're looking to build community, these are the folks to learn from." - Mayor Michael Nutter, City of Philadelphia

What can you learn in one day?

You don't want to be taught how to "copy" your competition - you want to learn how to become a better version of the organization you already are.

Just a few of the topics we'll cover include:

What you'll take home with you

And all of the Q&A you can handle!

Enroll in a workshop near you
Attending in person will allow you to build your local network
and have access to extended Q&A sessions!
Just $550 early bird pricing $650

Most organizations don't solve these problems on their own, even when they tried their damnedest

Having worked directly with dozens of organizations and their communities around the world, we've gotten to see the patterns of success...but not without also seeing the patterns of failure.

Here's a fun statistic: Exactly 0% of the people we've ever taught were intentionally trying to be ineffective leaders.

Even leaders with the best of intentions let things go off the rails more often than they don't, and by the time anybody notices, it's too late. Why is that? Here are a few of the reasons that we've noticed on our own, and others that we've found through research:

Enroll in a workshop near you
Attending in person will allow you to build your local network
and have access to extended Q&A sessions!
Just $550 early bird pricing $650

Still not sure? Check out our free resources page to see what inspires us.

"Alex is one of the primary reasons that the coworking community exists and has grown into a thriving, global phenomenon. His contagious enthusiasm has infused others with the courage and drive to start their own spaces, and his leadership and stewardship at IndyHall serves as the model for what a successful community looks like."

- Chris Messina, co-founder of the coworking movement, Barcamp, & creator of the Hashtag

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Australian Tour Dates

Past Locations

Gold Coast

February 24

Coworking by the Beach, w/Bleach*

Upcoming Locations


February 28

Hub Melbourne, w/Coworking Australia

North American Tour Dates

Upcoming Locations


March 4

Coming Soon, w/GCUC

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Meet the Team

Alex Hillman

Cofounder and Fearless Leader of Indy Hall

Alex has been a champion for community building since 2005. He is cofounder and fearless leader of Indy Hall, which after 6 consecutive years of vibrant growth & hundreds of active members has become one of the world's most revered coworking communities. Alex is a prolific writer, international speaker, and consultant for community builders around the world. Other projects include thought leadership consultation Tony Hsieh's widely celebrated Downtown Project in Las Vegas.

Tony Bacigalupo

Cofounder and Mayor of New Work City

Tony has been helping people build better communities in NYC and around the world since 2007. His best known work is as cofounder and Mayor of New Work City, NYC's first dedicated community coworking space. Tony is a seasoned organizer and is on the Board of Directors of the NY Tech Meetup, the world's largest Meetup group. He has as spoken at conferences internationally, and provided thought leadership consultation on Tony Hsieh's Downtown Project and NYC's Downtown Alliance to build the Hive at 55.

Adam Teterus

Point-Man at Indy Hall

Adam has mastered his skills in community building through first-hand leadership of the community at Indy Hall. He's a marvel of a communicator and a facilitator, which he demonstrated while guiding the Indy Hall community through some of it's largest growth periods in history. Adam continues to shine as an instructor and curriculum developer alongside Alex and Tony.